Falling in love

I have been thinking to myself, have I ever been in love? Has my heart ever skipped a beat when ‘that’ person walks into the room? Have I ever gotten sweaty palms when he says a soft yet passionate, “bless you” when I sneeze? 

Falling in love AKA jumping off a cliff with no protection. This is ultimately one of the scariest things a human being could do, but what makes it even worse is that we have no control over it. We can’t say “no, I don’t feel like falling in love today, maybe Tuesday”, it’s something that just happens. Opening yourself up to another human being while we are still trying to figure out what we should eat for lunch “a salad or a big mac”, its quite a nerve wrecking thought, but a Big Mac is sounding rather tasty. When we are falling in love do we shout down to person we are falling for to catch us? Or do we just hope that they will. We risk a heartbreak over someone that we don’t even know whether they feels the same way, but why? Why can’t life be easier? Why can’t we just know that they feel the same way, that they want to be with us forever? 

Have I ever thought “oh my gosh he’s coming into the room, how does my hair look?” as he walks closer and closer, have I ever done a quick and discrete breath test? Have I ever tried to let out a cute but sexy “hey”. YES OF COURSE!  We all have, haven’t we? we’ve all rehearsed in front of a mirror the perfect smile that says I can be sweet but if you have the chance you can see my wild side. We’ve all forced our best friend to practice how various conversations could go, but we ‘re never able to actually build up the confidence to say more than a mousey “thank you” when he says “bless you”. But is that falling in love or  just falling in lust? 

I must say falling in love does not sound like something I want to be doing any time soon, so I think I will stick to my Big Mac, it never lets me down!